Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BOB is the best!

I'm writing in praise of my stroller!

My BOB Revolution is a beast of a stroller - big, burly, ready for adventure!  I've used it in the rain, wind, snow, and sun.  It is cheaper than a babysitter, a gym membership, and driving a car.

Today I transported my son warm and snug through a Vermont snowstorm that cancelled school.  We made it to the Y for swimming lessons without incident, saving meter money and gaining a little exercise for mama.  The BOB plowed through the accumulating snow with ease.  The trusty weather shield kept my little guy warm and dry.  In fact, he said he was a caterpillar in his cocoon!

The BOB Revolution has been a good friend to me.  It was our second car in pedestrian-friendly Cambridge, MA.  I used it to go to and fro the library, the grocery store, playgroup, the park, etc., since my son was about a month old.

When my son was tiny, I made use of the car seat attachment.  I used the stroller every day for walking. In fact, I covered over 1,000 miles by foot in the first year of my child's life, many of them with the BOB!  When my son was about six months old, I put him straight into the seat of the stroller.  It reclines almost flat and was great for napping.  In a snowsuit and under the weather shield, he was toasty warm in the Boston winter.  I also tried the sun shield, but when the weather warmed and my son was a little older he objected to it.

Last summer, my BOB was a real workhorse.  Apparently, we made too much noise in our third floor apartment.  In order to be a good neighbor to our landlady, I packed the BOB full of lunch, snacks, water, bathing suits, sunscreen, extra clothes, etc., and headed out into the city between 10 am and 5 pm or so.  I pushed the BOB all over Cambridge and Boston!  The under-seat storage could be a little more capacious, but it works.  I added a Sunshine console to the handlebar to hold drinks, keys and my phone.

I love jogging with the BOB.  I've jogged as many as three miles with it - a great workout.  I even found that some days I would just jog a few minutes to the park, another few minutes to the library, a little farther to the grocery store and so forth.  Not a continuous run, but I was elevating my heart rate! We even tried a Stroller Strides class for a few months.  It is a great workout if you can find one in your area.  It was just a bit too long for my son to sit in the stroller, though.

Here is our BOB on the Church Street Mall in Burlington, VT, today!

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