Friday, May 14, 2010

At My Trail's End

So begins a new chapter for Team Creason... life.

This is an adjustment, one we've chosen, true, but one I'm only beginning to get used to.  Instead of buying tickets to our next trailhead, we signed a lease.  We'll be in the same camping spot for the next year!  And we won't be in a tent.  We have a real bed, a sofa, a hot shower, a kitchen.  Normal for most, but unnerving to me.

Reason has happily immersed himself in a job of science, computers, math, and generally smart people.  He's thrilled.  His mind is humming.  He can be with his computer most of the day.  (She's earned a reputation as the other woman in our relationship.  She's a city girl, not cut out for living outdoors.)

Meanwhile, I'm feeling restless.  We're going to be in exactly the same place a year from now?  Our hiking life is on hiatus and I don't know what to do with myself!

My plan to cope is to make this an adventure, in two ways.

One, this won't be exactly the same place in a year because I'll have explored it with a fine-toothed comb.  Even though I've previously lived in this metropolitan area for about four years, I haven't lived in this particular neighborhood before.  There are also about eight million things I've never done in this city, due largely to the fact that I used to work on Saturdays and often missed all of the fun.

Two, in a year I will have made this city my jungle gym.  I intend to run, bike, walk, swim?, paddle, box, and otherwise physically make my way through this mountain range, er, I mean city!  That's right- this city will be my mountains, my streams (conveniently, it has a river!), my playground!

I'm excited to explore.  I'm also excited about getting physical.  If I can wear myself out enough on the trail to sleep on a pile of rocks (according to Reason), surely I can wear myself out enough in the city to get comfortable in our too-soft bed.

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